Monday, May 18, 2015

Some information about Aquarium

Aquarium is nothing but a tank preferably made of glass where you could keep the freshwater fishes, plants, also you could keep marine organisms by filling the tank with sea water. I have an aquarium at home where I keep freshwater fishes and plants. Believe me people this has its own advantages like if you are in a stressed state and you observe the graceful movement of these fishes. I'm very sure that it could provide you with some kind of relaxation. It hardly has any bad effects like if you have a dog at home there is a huge possibility of it peeing at your place thereby dirtying it, or it might cause disturbances to the neighbors by barking all day long also it might end up in biting someone, this has no such effects, only thing is you have to feed them regularly also should keep the water clean which is feasible BY refilling it with fresh ones on a regular basis!!! I've been growing fishes for past six years and have grown a variety of fresh water fishes at home which includes: carp, goldfish, catfish, and fresh water eels. Talking about eels I have encountered some problem with them as while cleaning the tank they hide themselves beneath the pebbles which usually forms the floor of an aquarium, it would be quite hard to spot and isolate them!!! But still I have a nice time by naming my fishes and calling them with those ones, also by decorating the tank in different fashions, it seriously means fun people!!!

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