Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Concern and positives about the complicated opportunity

As I mentioned earlier, I was roped in to support this complicated opportunity with a delivery team, which works on weekends and wanted different representations & my continuous support and presence in all their calls. When I say complication associate with this opportunity, I should also detail about the positives about this opportunity and delivery team. This is one the used to teams, with whom I worked earlier, and the delivery partner was kind enough to drop note to my manager about the hard work I put in and appreciating my continuous support for the opportunity. Their appreciation mail was instrumental in getting recognition among my team members and was instrumental in awarding me the first rating in my team. So, I was both happy and nervous about this opportunity because of two reasons: one is because the timeline to support this opportunity is very short and the other is, they make too many iterative changes resulting in redundant work for me. To know more, continue reading at “G R Team Sites”