Saturday, July 20, 2019

Discussion about the slide share by me and offshore lead

Since the on-site team was fine with the slide that I have shared to them, the offshore delivery lead was again asking about the slide update in the next call. I was completely taken aback and was conveying to the offshore delivery lead that onsite team was fine with that slide and they would customize it based upon their customer needs. Offshore lead took this comment personally and was again pointing out that my slide was not coming out in better way and he has better slide representation in his mind. Now everyone in the call was silent and to my surprise the on-site POC was again quoting that slide from me was good enough to address customer requirements. Delivery lead was still not convinced and was asking multiple questions on the slide that I have shared and now the on-site delivery lead was requesting the offshore delivery lead itself to share the slide that he has in mind. Now offshore delivery lead was taken aback, and he started to search in his repository for the slide. Know more about what happened from “G R Team Sites”.