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Monday, April 20, 2015

Save Wildlife

I regret to say that cruelty towards animals has reached the maximum level.This is clear from the fact how a weak,emaciated and skinny bull pulls the cart loaded with tonnes of weight. The cart owner mercilessly beats and prods his stick into its frail and thin body.Similarly,there are numerous deserted animals like cows dogs and donkeys roaming on the roads.Many of them have open wounds.Some are so diseased that looking at them fills us with the feeling of disgust.I fail to understand how we have become so insensitive to these animals.This indeed a sorry tale of the indifference of the owners towards these domestic animals.I feel shocked to see how badly these animals are treated.Animal life forms an indistinguishable part of human life.Animals render inexplicable services but we are so callous towards them that we don't bother for their
welfare.There are hospitals for them.Yet the owners don't bother to take care of them in time illness.i urge the authorities would take strict action against the owners who ill treat the animals.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Information about Anacondas

Anacondas are the largest of all snakes. They are known for their massive size. A normal Anaconda can grow up to 50 to 100 feet long. They spend most of their time in water in search of food.The records tell us that even the great Indian python is smaller than the record Anaconda. But the girth of Anaconda is larger than any snake. Though the anaconda's size is said to be 50 to 100 feet, no one has caught the giant snakes and measured anywhere near that size.Anacondas kill their prey by squeezing or crushing to death and making the prey die of internal bleeding.Then the snake swallows the victim as a whole. They eat caimans much like alligator, other snakes, deer, and even jaguars. Some snakes has venom in their teeth but anacondas are not venomous.They use their size to kill their prey.

Save our Nature

Nature is the most beautiful thing that we got around us. Damaging and spoiling the God gifted nature is really a worse thing and they will soon be far beyond repair. Its a sad think that our future generation will not be able to enjoy the beauty of the nature like us. We should at least take care of what we got right now.Its a responsibility of each and every citizen to preserve the nature and to appreciate it. The most significant thing about nature is that it keep changing.Let it be the rainbow, sunshine,or the wonderful skies, it will touch our hearts. Beautiful nature gives us immense pleasure of feelin the beauty. Pollution should be avoided to keep the nature beautiful. So please avoid damaging the god gifted nature.Try to preserve it.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Message Mission

Justin Rocks is a series of concerts aimed at conveying the message of social justice to youngsters through music. Youth for social change a Chennai based youth collective, which is behind the concerts, not only tries to make youngsters aware of social issues, but also encourages local brands and musicians. Big events these days are heavily sponsored and involve massive expenditure. The Justine Rocks concerts defy this idea by self-funded. Money raised from each concert will be used to fund the next show. First in the series is “No More Bhopal’s”