Tuesday, September 30, 2014


The central dogma is used as support for believing that genetically modifying food has only predictable consequences. This article makes a convincing argument that the central dogma cannot be used as a supporting argument for that claim. The entire cell is responsible for the inheritance mechanism, and so transplanting DNA has unpredictable consequences if we ignore all of the other proteins and enzymes in the cell as necessary parts of the inheritary process.

Good Old Days

We believe that the Modernization of the human Life is accelerating so fast, faster than our tolerance. We believe that human being is going to loose his/her peace of mind more and more by the noisy and out of control propaganda's, advertisements, and many of useless products of the modern technology. We simply believe that it’s getting more and more difficult to live in this world. We are tired of this supermarket life, rapid modernization, what they call it progress, and in the other hand it’s not easy to live in any other way. We want to share our feelings and ideas about living in this 21st century modernized world.

Placing the engineer to practical work

I do not place engineers outside of the scientific community; I said nothing of the sort. What I said is that science is an ACTIVITY, not a title. You can be trained and decorated in the sciences, but if you deliver the newspaper every day as your job, you are not working as a scientist; you are a paper-delivery person. Same with the corporate world, if you work as an engineer, you are an engineer, even though you might have been trained as a scientist, you are doing work of a different nature. You are shaping and changing the world around you, there is an agenda that does not consist of curiosity, and you know it (or you're in denial).

Have Fun in Evening

When evening comes its time to play for all the young children.Eevn I used to play in the evening when I was studying school.I used to play shuttle cork and tennis,but now days young children are palying more and more football.I would say the game football has captured the hearts of many people as it is exciting.Young children hang out in street corners waiting for their friends,for playing.Its fun when you are young as those memories remain green.Even small children do have those silly fights while playing.Its fun , fun and only fun when evening comes.