Friday, August 5, 2022

Outside car service center’s high quote and questionable paint commitment

Ford Ecosport Accident Repair

Long story short, my ford EcoSport had met with a freaking accident and side wall of my care was severely damaged and had to be repaired immediately. I had two options, one to check with the Ford authorized service center and the other one was outside third-party service centers. I had made few searches over the internet and have shortlisted few third-party services center and had same conversation with the service advisors with the same car’s accidental images. The response was surprising and shocking, the responses did vary between vendors and quote was also varying, but I had averaged it out before I had detailed the following response. 
  • Pricing: The Pricing quoted by the third-party car service center was almost like what Ford’s authorized service center was quoting and surprisingly there are few other vendors who quoted more than the authorized service center. To summarize, the quote from third-party car service center was almost equal to what authorized service center was quoting. 
  • Paint Quality and Factory finish: Another disappointing factor while discussing with third-party car service center was that they were promising one year of paint warranty and there was not a single commitment on factory finish output. The warranty on Paint got me suspicious, as I was planning to hold on to my car for few more years and if the paint job was awkward, then the entire repaid job would be useless and had again had to figure out alternative options. 
From the discussions with the third-party car service centers, it was evident that the best and one-time repair for my car would be getting it repaired from Ford’s authorized service center. To know more about how the output of car repair has turned out, please feel free to check out the articles published in “G R Team Sites”