Monday, May 18, 2015

Info about Smoking Habit

At the beginning I was only a social smoker later on started to do it at the time of depression or pressure to relieve stress which soon became a regular habit. I found that it had its own good effects like if you are asked to be awake at night but you are feeling sleepy then the best way to get rid of it is to have a nice fag, believe me you could feel so refreshing then and would totally eliminate your sleep. The tobacco can be smoked in the form of "cigarette" which might contain some adulterants to tobacco or in the form of "Beedi" which contains no chemicals and is relatively cheaper, pipes also proves to be a good alternative. It has been six years since I have developed the practice of smoking tobacco, it all started in my high school when my friends forced me to have a couple of puffs from their cigarette, in the beginning I had no liking and was not even interested to give it a try, later on I found when ever we had a gathering everyone used to smoke and I felt aloof, then slowly even I started to smoke tobacco. However tobacco smoking has its own ill effect which greatly depends on length of time a person continues to smoke as well as the amount smoked. I personally feel that their is nothing wrong in a person tasting the things which the nature offers as this is whole purpose behind our birth as long as he knows his limits and doesn't become a victim of its ill effects!!!

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