Friday, March 6, 2009

I Love Music

It so happened when I was traveling by a heavily crowded bus to a very buzzing portion of the city. I entered the bus with my ears plugged (as usual). There was quite a good crowd in the bus. I sprung up and asked for a ticket to my destination. I dint know what happened, but the entire crowd got to stare at me . I dint know that I had actually screamed on top of my voice (raucous than the most raucous voice) which had made the crowd rather agitated. Then an elderly man who was sitting by my side and said, “Child I m deaf, but even I got terrified at your scream. Please don’t be this way hereafter” .That shook me by surprise. From that day onwards I started to listen in a much lesser volume. His words made me change. I m still a music buff but I m a more silent listener these days.

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