Friday, March 6, 2009

Favourite Tv Show

Talking about "South Park”, it is one of the most promising entertaining TV shows ever to be produced!!! The series has been aired by Comedy Central since 1997 and is written and created by Trey Parker and Matt stone. This features the mischievous life led by four boys living in a small town of south park, Colorado. The main characters in this show include: Eric Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny. Eric Cartman is one of the most popular character who is a total foodie and keeps hoggin on food also you could find him indulging in wild mischievous, he is also my personal favorite!!! Next on my list is Kenny, in most of the episodes you could find him being killed, that part is also quite entertaining!!! The show involves scatological humor like never before, also you find many famous personalities being made fun of, don't know how far people accept this probably the entertainment part of it has suppressed the formers effect. The show has won Emmy Award for outstanding animated program seven times. If you are in a state of distress or in need of some hilarious entertainment just go and watch an episode of southpark, it would prove to be the best medicine!!!

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