Saturday, June 13, 2015

Get Information about Eating

Most of you think to totally ban certain high fat and sugary foods from your life to avoid unwanted weight gain? Not so fast. May be it's not what you're eating but how you're eating. Mom's sage advice to slow down, take smaller bites, chew your food and stop gulping has gained even more scientific support. Women consumed fewer calories and were more satisfied when they ate at a slower pace. Whether your meal is a race or a ritual is just one facet of eating behavior that might impact food consumption. Here are some of the other ways you eat may affect how much you weigh? When you directly eat out of a bag of chips or package of cookies, same goes with nuts. Sure they're full of heart-healthy fats, but enjoy a hand full, not a can full. Whether it's a salad or a steak dinner, often it's the add-ons that pile on the pounds, not the foundation. Limit the fried croutons, bacon bits, blue cheese crumbles and creamy dressing on salads. Snacking between meals can be a healthy habit if you're consuming them in snack sized portions. Choose the 100-calorie packs to keep track and savor them slowly. However a balanced diet with slower pace of eating would surely eliminate the unwanted fats.

Some Information about Brain

There’s one more simple teaching I would like to give here. Drawing the tetrahedron over the polar graph geometrically represents the harmonics of music. That drawing and the information I’ve given you on this subject comes into your understanding through your left brain. But do you remember how we went through those visualizations, where I was saying that every line on a page is not a line on a page, but a map of how spirit moves through the Void? So these drawings are maps—for the left brain.

Information for Multimedia Connectivity

Interactive connectivity for Multimedia is the need of the hour. The world needs to be constantly monitored. The connectivity using Jingle is a teaching and learning environment located within a computer mediated communication system. It supports the active participation, interaction and collaborative learning between the client and server and also between the clients. It supports distance communication widely from simple e-mail system to conferencing system that supports group discussions and joint project. Interactive connectivity for Multimedia using Jingle improves access to advanced multimedia communication by allowing the client and the server to participate efficiently.

Suggestion about Good Neighbours

We all long for unity in our families, friendships and workplaces. Without it our lives are fragmented; with it we live in harmony and peace. Being individualistic and wanting to be exclusive doesn’t foster unity, neither does expecting everyone to think and behave like we do. Fear, suspicion, selfishness and greed destroy unity and ultimately destroy relationships. Fear that someone else is better than we are or is getting more or will take away what we have. These feelings arise from a basic insecurity that we don’t matter to anyone that we need to look out for ourselves first that we are the only ones who deserve good things. The opposite of these negative qualities is trust. Trust builds unity. Trust in those we live or work with. Trust that the other person’s motives are as honorable as ours, that someone will stand up for us just as we do for others and that w matter to other people just as they matter to us.