Sunday, November 6, 2022

Suggestion about Bare root transplanter

Suggestion about Bare root transplanter
If you have huge planting requirements and often frustrated about the time-consuming planting needs with high production demand, then plant transplanters with customizable options from reliable manufacturer would be the smart solution. The Checchi & Magli company is one of the most trusted companies in the transplanter industry, which offers wide range of transplanters for varying needs and reliable quality with affordable pricing options. If you are looking for versatile transplanter for your varying planting requirements and cultivation requirements, then FOXDRIVE PLUS transplanter available from the Checchi & Magli company would be the smart option. 
Suggestion about Bare root transplanter
The Bare root transplanter or FOXDRIVE PLUS transplanter includes wide range of unique features and customizable options that no other product in its category could offer. Following is few of the product highlights:
  • The transplanter is one of the most versatile models in the range that help to meet varying seeding needs such as plants vegetables, flowers, tobacco, nursery plants, both with bare root and in conical, pyramidal, or cubical clods
  • The transplanter unit offers customizable row to row spacing, which is adjustable from minimum 50 cm (20”) and based on your planting requirements
  • The transplanter unit is most suite for sweet potatoes, strawberries, and lavender.
  • The transplanter unit also holds following unique systems Fingers chain distribution system - the distance between the plants in the row is adjustable through the gears transmission and the number of the fingers mounted on the chain.
  • High range parallelogram for a constant horizontality, reversible and adjustable spring to increase or reduce the weight on the packing wheels and front flex adjustable wheel.
Check out the below video for additional insights and product related information. To know more about the customizable options and pricing of the transplanters offered by the Checchi & Magli company, please feel free to check out the above-mentioned link.

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