Sunday, January 5, 2020

Working again with same onsite team for new service request

After completing the earlier opportunity in association with my manager, I was hoping that during my next work, I can work in more relaxed and comfortable way. However, after coming back from the weekend I had another shocker. Onsite team from earlier service request has come back again this time with new opportunity and request addressed directly to me for the support. Both my manager and myself had no other option but to work on the service request and I was completely anxious about the work. I was praying that this time the work would be much more relaxed and simplified than the earlier ones. I had to schedule call with both onsite and offshore teams to ensure that we are on same page. The call started and to my surprise the offshore delivery person, who I had worked earlier joined the call. The most problematic concern with that delivery person is that he would never support or defend my work. He always wanted onsite team to take ownership and if at all he is required to provide input, he would assign his teammate to share the inputs. To know more about what happened, please feel free check out “G R Team Sites”

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