Monday, April 20, 2015

Know about Tsunami

I usually go jogging along the sea shore in mornings but dint do that on that very fine day as I was quite lazy to wake up that early!!! These waves killed many, almost all who were in the beach got themselves carried away by these waves. I lost one of my neighbor who goes to the beach in the mornings and take exercise, he was pursuing his under graduation in a well reputed institution and had many commitments which he had to fulfill and was working towards that but everything came to a halt!!! The fishers community were also greatly affected, there was a high death toll causing chaos all over. Tsunami is nothing but monster waves that are generated due to displacement of the ocean caused due to reasons such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions. I was also about to be a victim of it, just escaped!!! Yes, I dwell in one of the cities which once got affected by these monster waves. In the year 2004 as you all know there was devastation due the tsunami in some countries, in my place we felt the earthquake tremor sometime in the early morning followed by these waves. The government did pay some compensation and do have some consideration for the affected community even now, it was one such experience that I could never forget!!!

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