Saturday, March 27, 2010

Suggestion For Energy Saving

The saving energy in homes has been major concern in recent times as most people are unaware of energy being wasted in home appliances. Most people across the globe are unaware how energy could be saved in their home appliances. The smarter and easier way to get information to save energy in home appliances would be referring best online network. There are wide ranges of online networks available in web that helps users with information to save energy in their homes. But most information and suggestion offered by online networks are ineffective and are not tested. So, make sure that you get Energy saving information from a high quality online network. The Microsoft Hohm is one of the best online networks that educate people to save energy in home appliances. The Hohm network takes the guesswork out of where you can save the most by giving you personalized energy saving tips with info on how much you could save, how much it will cost, and how quickly you would earn back your investment. In Hohm network you could also check out your area's top recommendations, and get tips for your home today. The few general tips to save energy in your home appliances are as follows 

• When replacing your windows, choose a double-pane very low-solar gain low-E, argon gas, wood/vinyl frame window

 • Insulate exterior walls to at least R-11

• Replace your windows with energy-efficient windows

• Seal your home with weather stripping

• Replace your electric water heater with a gas model and lower the temperature setting

• Lower your water heating bill by using cold water whenever you can

• Use your washing machine's warm or cold setting instead of the hot setting

The Microsoft Hohm network ensures that saving home energy would also help people to save money in their electric bills and services

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