Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Hope I Had

I wish to be in a small time town which cannot be located easily in the map and have a small farm house, running my own business. I don’t want huge profits, just a few money to run my daily life will do. I want to be out of this polluted world. Its just not the environment which is polluted but the society, the people’s mind. They have forgotten the basic purpose of life. Life is money and greed driven at present. There is no more peace and one fails to notice all the small and necessary happiness in life. The social divide between the rich and poor is becoming wider than ever and it will continue to do so. A research team has concluded that after few centuries the human race will be divided into two. One will be poor, ugly with no facilities like slaves. The other one will be beautiful looking and will have all the luxuries in life. I hope i don’t have another birth to witness this insanity.

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