Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Suggestion to get Xiaomi Mi3 Prices

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Suggestion of Low Cost LCD Monitors

Today, it is possible to buy things cheap online. All we have got to do is find the potential vendor and make comparisons with same products of different brands. While buying a cheap flat panel monitor, it is important to know the color contrasts it would support. It is also important to assess the response time that it would give for images. Flat panel monitors are a craze today. They have brought forth the concepts of Plasma and LCD. Such monitors can be based on liquid crystal displays. These let a specific type of crystals dance on the screen. They are so fluid in nature that they are attributed the name of liquid. Flat panel monitors can be found cheap with some search. Another problem that has been there with flat panel monitors is burn-in which causes burning of particular pixels. This results in red blur on the screen. You should look for cheap monitors but at the same time make sure that what you get has the right quality.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Suggestion of Incompetence

Well people repeated humiliation is the key factor behind me writing on this topic, I openly admit!!! I was forced to join and take up science when I was at high school when there was an option to choose between arts and science, I was very much interested in taking up arts which included the study of literature and things like that. My parents were invariably prejudiced and were insisting me to take science as the main stream, till then I was good at studies and was well liked by my professors but after choosing science as my stream the whole scenario changed!!! I couldn't perform well, the whole point was I was not interested, the world started to consider me as an incompetent individual, which seriously put me almost to a demented state. Anyway now I am well settled as it has been ages since that incident occurred!!! I always have the feel that it could have been better if I had taken the other option in my life, as that field also has good prospects. So I personally feel that instead of calling an individual incompetent it would always be better if you categorize him as per his interest. If a person is very much interested in some art if not immediately but would soon master it!!! Some people have the gift of adjusting and excelling in every field they get into irrespective of their liking, those are somewhat rare and not a better option as per me. So my sincere request to parents and educational institutes is only these, always try motivating students and induce some kind of interest in them instead of eschewing the poor performer and calling him incompetent!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Suggestion about Illusions

Where is science taking us? Well, most of us (even most scientist) seem to think science is the absolute truth, and that’s where it’s taking us. That it is a linear concept, and that it’s taking us each time closer to the truth. But as we see in the history of science, many theories that were known to be “true” at its time (even those that concur with experimental data), were proven wrong given the time. So what we know to be “true” today may be far from it. Yes, that is a scary thought, particularly for those who make science, and that’s probably why science is “sold” as the beholder of all truth. But I think we should accustom ourselves to the fact that science is about the journey, not the destination.