Sunday, October 14, 2018

Opportunity with nagging accounts team

After working on dropped opportunity, which had short turn around time, I was looped into another shocker opportunity with one of the most nagging accounts across horizontals. After being looped into this opportunity, I was trying different options to get rid of this work and left out of ideas and had to work on this opportunity. On the first day of this opportunity, the accounts team was detailing the expectation on the presentation to be submitted with client’s top leadership team and I had only very little scope in this opportunity. In addition to working with this nagging accounts team, the team had scheduled call at early morning around 7:30 AM and my usual wakeup time as at 9 AM. I was frustrated to the core and on purpose I didn’t join the early morning call and this nagging account personnel called me up and requested me to join the call and everyone was waiting in the call. I joined the call and was not at interested in listening to call and for the entire call my scope was just to say: “ok and would do the needful”. Out of frustration, I cut the call and went back to sleeping mode and know more what happened, continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Successfully completed work in weekends

During weekend support for the opportunity I was working, I found work around for Skype not working in my office laptop that I would login Skype for business from my personal laptop to showcase I was working on weekends. Now comes the hard part, I cannot convey this to the delivery expert and I had to make up the story from the actual incident that I have Skype login issues, so I would not be available in Skype and can be reached on mobile for urgent support. The delivery expert was completely fine with it and he assigned work that needs to be completed in next few hours. I completed the work and shared it with the delivery expert for his review. Now comes the hardest part, we need to share our screens to discuss on solution theme to be framed based on client requirements and my Skype had login issues, so screen presentation could not be done. However, the delivery expert found smart solution that we would connect in WebEx and share the screen to discuss and it worked like a charm. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites” listed right section of this site.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Got relief and escaped from home

I had a disturbed sleep for the entire night and whenever I hear rains, I used to pray that it doesn’t create too much havoc to people and was just hoping that it doesn’t create any damage to my apartment. Next day I woke up at around 8 AM and could sense relief as I could see sunrise after 3 long days of continuous rains. I rushed outside of my home and went directly to the entrance of my apartment to check the water levels and found that the water levels were still at knee-deep level. However, this time I had courage to drive through the knee deep water just to escape from the house arrest for past 3 days. So, I rushed back to my home took all the important things like MacBook Pro, Office laptops, Chargers, few dresses and other things. Suddenly I heard someone ringing my door bell and was shocked as I was not expecting anyone and was already packing my bags to native. When I opened the door I was shocked to see that person at my doorstep, to continue reading please visit “G R Team Sites” from the sidebar.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Reasons not to get pissed off

I was really pissed off when this complex delivery expert was requesting me to do some updates to delivery related stuff and I had no idea about it. I didn’t object about anything to him and conveyed him that I would check with my peers, but it would be nice if he provides the required information. I was checking with all my sources and was not able to find relevant information, finally the delivery expert itself shared the required information. I didn’t want to burst out to the delivery expert, because of two reasons. One reason is that if had burst out, then definitely the information which I required to complete the document would be delayed even more and other teams would raise escalation against me. The second reason is that, if it all I had burst out, I would not be able to work with him again and I have been tagged to the account which is been overseen by this delivery expert. Finally, with all the required information, I was able to submit all the relevant documents to the concern team and it was submitted to the customer. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Spending time on weekend

The Saturday morning was over with my unimportant office call and I was just killing time till noon just by watching random stuff in the television. Now I had sense of hunger for my lunch and I totally forgot about cleaning vessels, this made me even more frustration. With all these frustrations my wife called me to check what I’m doing and whether I had my lunch or not, she definitely knows that without reminders, I would never have my lunch on my own. I shouted at my wife knowing that I had to clean vessels for my lunch and I had no other option other than ordering outside. I hate eating food outside as it would make big hole in my pocket and the food sometimes may taste worse than my cooking. So, I cleaned all the vessels and made lunch for myself, after having good lunch I was hopeful of watching good cricket test match between India and England. But the match was scheduled to start at around 4 and I had enough time to watch a movie. Continue @ “G R Team Sites”