Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Compromising work between new and old team

So, after getting insights from the new delivery team that I have a limited role to play and for the next two weeks I can be on standby move to see if there are any possibilities for my contribution. I was looking forward to enjoy my leisure time and this entire plan was completely ruined by my previous work. My old work with most irritating delivery & account teams had come back again and for this time they want to share a few slides as justification within the next 2 days. I was completely taken aback with sudden requests out of nowhere and if my new work requires high bandwidth as predicted, I would have choked out with this request. Informally I conveyed to the delivery person that I have been looped into a new opportunity and by your good luck it turned out to be limited work from my end. However, I was patiently explaining that if at all they require last-minute support I have no other option but to support that request due to the priority of work order in my table. He completely agreed and was conveying to me that it requires very minimal effort from my end and it can be completed in a few hours. All these conversations are happening informally and I haven’t spoken to my manger yet, to know more about its continuation, please feel free to check out “G R Team Sites”

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Working again with same onsite team for new service request

After completing the earlier opportunity in association with my manager, I was hoping that during my next work, I can work in more relaxed and comfortable way. However, after coming back from the weekend I had another shocker. Onsite team from earlier service request has come back again this time with new opportunity and request addressed directly to me for the support. Both my manager and myself had no other option but to work on the service request and I was completely anxious about the work. I was praying that this time the work would be much more relaxed and simplified than the earlier ones. I had to schedule call with both onsite and offshore teams to ensure that we are on same page. The call started and to my surprise the offshore delivery person, who I had worked earlier joined the call. The most problematic concern with that delivery person is that he would never support or defend my work. He always wanted onsite team to take ownership and if at all he is required to provide input, he would assign his teammate to share the inputs. To know more about what happened, please feel free check out “G R Team Sites”

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Concern and positives about the complicated opportunity

As I mentioned earlier, I was roped in to support this complicated opportunity with a delivery team, which works on weekends and wanted different representations & my continuous support and presence in all their calls. When I say complication associate with this opportunity, I should also detail about the positives about this opportunity and delivery team. This is one the used to teams, with whom I worked earlier, and the delivery partner was kind enough to drop note to my manager about the hard work I put in and appreciating my continuous support for the opportunity. Their appreciation mail was instrumental in getting recognition among my team members and was instrumental in awarding me the first rating in my team. So, I was both happy and nervous about this opportunity because of two reasons: one is because the timeline to support this opportunity is very short and the other is, they make too many iterative changes resulting in redundant work for me. To know more, continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Discussion about the slide share by me and offshore lead

Since the on-site team was fine with the slide that I have shared to them, the offshore delivery lead was again asking about the slide update in the next call. I was completely taken aback and was conveying to the offshore delivery lead that onsite team was fine with that slide and they would customize it based upon their customer needs. Offshore lead took this comment personally and was again pointing out that my slide was not coming out in better way and he has better slide representation in his mind. Now everyone in the call was silent and to my surprise the on-site POC was again quoting that slide from me was good enough to address customer requirements. Delivery lead was still not convinced and was asking multiple questions on the slide that I have shared and now the on-site delivery lead was requesting the offshore delivery lead itself to share the slide that he has in mind. Now offshore delivery lead was taken aback, and he started to search in his repository for the slide. Know more about what happened from “G R Team Sites”.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

One more team member leaving my team

For past few days most of my team members were having off days and we didn’t have much work to do. But everyone in my team wanted to show them busy and make it look like as if they are onto something important so that they don’t get any additional work from my manager. So as usual I went to my workplace opened my office laptop, connected all cables and started to play videos in YouTube with my headphones on. In addition, I also had opened couple of documents to pretend that I was working onto something important so that my manager doesn’t assign any new work to me. As usual my manager stood up for a break and all of a sudden, I noticed someone poking me and when I turned it was my colleague. She started communication directly that “finally she was able to leave the team”, for a moment I didn’t get what she was referring to and at the end she told that she is leaving the team next Monday. I was completely taken aback and to know more read at “G R Team Sites”